Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Rates
The daily charge is $38.00, this includes unlimited yard time, a Purina Proplan diet; clean off the floor bedding; fresh water as needed and treats several times daily.
Boarding Price Increase: Beginning October 1, 2017, the daily charge will be $42.00 per day. This includes unlimited monitored outdoor play time, our Purina Proplan diet and treats. (multiple dog discount $2.00 each per day)
There is a three day minimum for Christmas, Thanksgiving and weekend Holidays ending on Monday. Please note that special needs guests, for example but not limited to geriatric pets, puppies under six months or any other special need will incur a $5.00 per day additional charge. Multiple pet discount is available for pets sharing the same room. (maximum of three in one room, size permitting).
Discount rates are as follows:
Multiple dogs kept in same run $36.00 per day each, (maximum three dogs size permitting). Long term boarding, (30 days or greater).

All discounts or coupons must be paid by Check, Cash or Debit card.
Canine Menu
  • Blue Plate Special (Purina Proplan beef & rice mixed with all beef canned dog food and assorted chopped vegetables). This is a house favorite.
  • Purina Proplan beef & rice (served dry).
  • Treats (served several times daily).
  • Varied flavored dog biscuits.

You are welcome to supply your own food with no extra charge, but please bring the daily amount of food your pet will need for each day of their stay at Daltons in disposable, resealable plastic baggies with specific feeding instructions and your pets name clearly marked.
(Example: 5 days at one feeding per day = 5 bags; 2 feedings per day = 10 bags)

Dogs are kenneled in our radiant heated, air conditioned, security monitored, clean, and well aired facility which overlooks a one plus acre of tree shaded grass covered play grounds. Evenings are calm with soft lighting, serene music and evening treat while resting on a Kuranda bed. All boarding guests attend doggie day care. 
Our feline guests have a separate facility also centrally heated with plenty of fresh air and in warmer months totally air conditioned.
Cancellation Policy
A 48 hours notice is required for all non holiday periods and a 7 day notice for all holiday periods. Any changes in reservations including early check-out without required notification are subject to charges.
Boarding Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Legal Holidays: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Christmas & Thanksgiving: Closed to the public.
Methods Of Payment
We accept Checks, Cash, Debit Card, Rubies, Diamonds and MasterCard /Visa.