Dogs Of All Sizes

There is never a pet too big or too small. We have the experience to get the job done right!


The detailed process we use was perfected over 50 years ago at the family-owned “Dalton’s School of Dog Grooming.”

Personalized Service

Our professional staff works 1 on 1 with the customer to ensure the best possible haircut to fit your pets personality.

Special Needs Pets

Specializing in older and special needs pets!! We cater to many 2nd and 3rd generation pets as they get older.

Locally Owned

Family-owned and operated. At the same location for over 50 years where you can always find one of the family.

Safety and Regulations

Daltons Cherrywood Kennel is constantly monitored for smoke, fire, heat and unauthorized entry by Eagle Star Security. Our outdoor play yards are completely fenced and when in use by our guests are always accompanied by friendly and trained staff. All dogs, upon admission, receive a break-away I.D. Collar (as a preventative to accidental entanglement).
All pets entering Daltons Kennel and Cattery must be flea and tick free. Any pet entering the kennel or cattery with a flea and or tick infestation will be given a flea and tick bath at an additional charge.
All pets must have an up to date proof of immunization certificate supplied by a veterinarian on file. (Your vet can fax a copy of up to date certificate prior to your visit or it can be brought in at check-in time).
Please note that in order to prevent the spread of live immunization viruses pets must have been inoculated (7 to 10 days) before entry to the kennel or cattery. Canine immunization must include Rabies, DHLP, Parvo, Bordetella (canine cough must be boosted every 6 months). Some veteranarians are recommending Bordetella vaciniations twice yearly.
Feline immunization must include Rabies, Feline Leukemia, FPV. Pets that have been kenneled at another kennel or cattery within 14 days prior to their visit unfortunately cannot be admitted to Daltons.