Daltons Pet Grooming is the oldest continually operated dog grooming salon in the Metro West area. We cater to all breeds of dog from tiny Toys to the Giants. In fifty two years of continuing business we have done them all. Prices vary according to breed, coat condition and frequency of grooming. Please consult groomer for pricing or any special cut. For best service grooming appointments are recommended. (A bath is required with a haircut and is included in the price, no haircut can be given without a bath).
Walk-in service is available and provided at $20.00.
A clean dog is a healthy dog and should be done at least every 4 - 6 weeks to rid your dog of unwanted dead, dry hair and rid him/her of tangles. All baths include 2 hydrosurge system shampooing that deep cleans while it massages, premium conditioning specific to coat type and skin condition, a nail trim and grinding, ear cleaning and anal glands expressed. 
Next they are air blown with a special dog blower to reduce the drying time and to blow out all the unwanted hair and help reduce future shedding. Then placed in the drying area to finish drying. After dried, they are rebrushed and if needed neaten up by the Groomer. A bandana and Fresh and Clean sprayed added. A potty break and treat and then wait to be picked up.
Dog sprayed skunk baths available at an additional charged.
Haircuts or Full Grooming
Done by our Professional Groomers trained to do all breeds of dogs including the newer Designer dogs. A Groomer will discuss with you the style to fit your dog's personality and life style.
Plain or fancy we can do it. These grooms include all of the above procedures in the bathing and drying section and then the full trim. It is important to your dog that a fully trained, experience and loving Groomer works on your dog. Remember, they will need grooming for many years to come and should learn to enjoy their day at our Spa.
Treats, bows and or bandanas, Fresh and Clean spray, potty breaks and lots of love included.